Health Checkup & Other examinations

Health Checkup (own expense)

Examination reception hours:
Reservation required; please telephone and make a reservation in advance.

  • Please take advantage of our health checkup service when entering into employment or changing jobs.
  • Health checkups which qualify for public assistance are also available.

List of fees and checkup items

  Health checkup 1 Health checkup 2 Health checkup 3
Results report Same day One week later One week later
Health checkup fee 3,500 yen 5,000 yen 8,000 yen
Medical certificate, report, and other certificates from 3,000 yen per copy
  Health checkup 1 Health checkup 2 Health checkup 3
Internal medicine consultation (including interview with the doctor)
Body measurements Height
Color vision
Hearing test (Conversation type)
Blood pressure measuremen
measurement Chest X-ray examination
Blood test Anemia test Red blood cell count  
White blood cell count  
Hemoglobin content  
Platelet count  
Liver function test Total protein ZTT GOT GPT ALP γ-GTP Total protein  
Urea nitrogen  
Lipid test Creatinine  
Uric acid  
Total cholesterol  
Neutral fat  
HDL cholesterol  
Blood sugar tes Blood sugar  
Blood type ABO、Rh (Optional) +500 yen
Urinalysis Urine protein (Optional) +500 yen
Urine sugar (Optional) +500 yen
Urobilinogen (Optional) +500 yen
Blood in urine (Optional) +500 yen
Electrocardiographic test (ECG) (Optional) +500 yen
Other examinations
Tuberculin sensitivity test Injection (Available on: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) 2,000 yen
Results: (48 hours later: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
Hepatitis test Type B・Type C 3,500 yen
Blood type ABO、Rh 2,000 yen
*Blood type, in cases where other blood tests are carried out at the same time, +500 yen
HIV test 3,000 yen
Fecal occult blood (Twice method) 2,000 yen
Norovirus test 28,000 yen
Norovirus test
Norovirus test (EIA method (Simplified test, results in 3-9 days)
5,000 yen
Vaccinations:Please consult with a doctor.
Influenza Vaccinations 4,000 yen
Pneumococcal vaccine Vaccinations 8,000 yen
Antibody test

*The following vaccinations are given after an examination.
Virus test classified by globulin class, such as for measles-rubella, 4 types 15,000 yen
3 types 12,000 yen
2 types 9,500 yen
1 type 7,000 yen
In cases where other examinations are carried out at the same time: With blood drawn 3,000 yen Without blood drawn 4,000 yen
Vaccinations Measles 6,000 yen
Rubella 6,000 yen
Mumps 6,000 yen
Measles-rubella mixed vaccine 10,000 yen
Tetanus 2,000 yen

Sexually transmitted diseases test (own expense)

  • Syphilis
  • HIV (Antigen-antibody)
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonococcus
  • Trichomonas