List of charges

Please do not hesitate to enquire about any charges not listed below.

The outpatient and home visit medical care charges are both covered by all types of health insurance.

Outpatient charges

Consultation charges are covered by all types of health insurance.

You will be charged the amount according to the self-pay ratio that applies to you.

Please present your health insurance card when undergoing consultation.

Guide to designated medical care providers

Medical care provider conducting health checkups and cancer examinations in Shinjuku and Nakano Wards.

The clinic is a designated health provider for health checkups provided to residents of Shinjuku and Nakano wards. The Shinjuku Ward health checkup can be undergone free of charge at the clinic. (Appointments are not necessary, but please visit during opening hours.)

Ward resident health checkups undergone at the clinic (in the case of Shinjuku Ward)

Health checkup: free

Hepatitis examination: free

Colon cancer examination: 600 yen

Lung cancer examination: 1,200 yen

Prostate cancer examination: 200 yen

We do not provide examinations for stomach, uterine or breast cancer

The clinic also provides examinations for certificates of health.

The charges vary according to the details of the examination, and are between 3,500 yen and 10,000 yen, which has to be paid in full by the patient.

Designated medical care provider for public assistance and livelihood protection recipients

Compulsory automobile liability insurance, voluntary lump-sum payments are accepted.

The clinic is not a designated medical provider for workmen's accident compensation insurance. Patients will have to pay the full charge themselves when undergoing consultation.